Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is crisis only Greek?

Why is Greece always the black sheep?

Greece is the only country that doesn't got German war reparations. ( Did Bulgaria paid hers? )
Greece is the first country that Europe put it to troika.
Greece is the first of the PIGS to suffer.
Greek politicians are the worse ever.

Greek people always see with one eye to the West and the other to East.
East roman empire ( Byzantium ) was occupation for the poor Greeks and the Roman spirit was imposed. Empires were not in the Greek spirit which was little cities opposed to each other.

After 1821, Greek politicians were always pawns to foreign rulers. Here in Greece the word Efialtes is synonymous to rotten traitor, from the times of the war against Persians. The troika, England, France and Germany, imposed their kings as leaders to Greece.

The world war II was another time in which foreigners imposed their opinions. England and Russia did all they could according to Yalta treaty and so, Greek traitors and black marketeers won the civil War. England sent a whole battalion to ensure that. They also bombard Athens, whilst Germans didn't.
John Purifoy, an American ambassador to Greece, told Greek Prime minister George Papandreou that, he was a ruler of Greece, not him, as he puts his feet on the presidential desk.
In 1967 American ordered Dictatorship established in Greece. Greece was put to splint for 7 years.
After that, Karamanlis PM doctrine was "We belong to the West", as if we were western slaves. But it was true. The only true that came out of a Greek PM's mouth.

Now, because of this capital crisis, Greece and the PIGS is the scapegoats. But the capital crisis is only a "moving". Capital moves from USA and Europe to other countries, while Western civilization changes to Global civilization.

Greek people did what they learned to do all these years, oppose to their rotten masters. They shape a path for every citizen to follow.

Nowadays our masters are the same.
Follow the Greek spirit.
Rebel to everything big. Form little Democratic nations. Learn what real Democracy is.

Capital simply moves away from West.
It will be late if it completes its mission. USA, Canada, EU, will never be the same again. The hole world is changing.
Let's start rebelling forming a real World Union of the people.

Wake up sheep, the Easter is here!
History of Greece. Greek struggles for freedom.
Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State, by Professor Neni Panourgiá

( I know that Greeks are not the only rebels, so I welcome Irish, Icelanders, Spaniards, French, Portuguese, Americans and all other earth citizens to live against their masters )

Friday, November 4, 2011

Politicians & citizens.

The problem.

We always complained that they govern us wrong, that they steal and tell lies, that they never do what they promise.
That they steal our lives. That they throw us into unemployment.
Politicians are professional liars and thieves. They will never change. They fear that if changed would not stay politicians.
They love to mock, deceive, steal, corrupt and bribe.
We, ordinary citizens, what we want? Holy politicians that have their hands on honey and not to lick? Do we ask the scorpion to change and not pour poison? Is it possible?

The solution to the problem.
To do exactly what they do not want us to do. All together.
Let's deal with our citizenship. Let's participate. To see us and go away.
We left an empty field and they play unopposed. Why?
They should find us anywhere they go, so, they cannot deceive us.
This is needed, participation.
Participation will bring democracy and prosperity of this society.

Wake up sheep, the Easter is here.

Open source = Open Mind

My best of Open source: Linux, Firefox, MySQL, Apache, Asterisk, SOX, KDE, Konqueror, WikiMedia, Joomla,

Life equation by Albert Einstein:
Albert_Einstein(MyLife) {
 If(MyLife==Success in life)
  return (A(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
  return (B(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
A(x,y,z) {
B(x,y,z) {