Saturday, January 9, 2010

To start with science

Matter = Fast moving energy, coming to close together, leaving no space for other energy to crept.

Gravitational force = Moving energy ( matter ) in space all is running towards the center of the matter, like in a tornado, so leaves a amount of space with nearly nothing that attracts other matter to it.

Open source = Open Mind

My best of Open source: Linux, Firefox, MySQL, Apache, Asterisk, SOX, KDE, Konqueror, WikiMedia, Joomla,

Life equation by Albert Einstein:
Albert_Einstein(MyLife) {
 If(MyLife==Success in life)
  return (A(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
  return (B(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
A(x,y,z) {
B(x,y,z) {