Monday, April 7, 2008


Every civilization must be people's property, or else it shall be lost.

Κάθε πολιτισμός πρέπει να είναι λαϊκή περιουσία, αλλιώς το μόνο που του μένει είναι η λήθη.

Love and hate

Love is like a mountain and hate is like a sea.

Somebody who climbed on a high mountain knows that there is higher.
Somebody who went down sea knows that the sea is deeper.

Knowledge of love or hate is needed for everyone, so they can see it can be more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bruce Lipton - The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet

Please see these 2 exceptional videos. They answer to the question "why they don't exist human variants like dogs?".

Bruce Lipton 1
Bruce Lipton 2

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Yes: Perpetual Change Lyrics
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Open source = Open Mind

My best of Open source: Linux, Firefox, MySQL, Apache, Asterisk, SOX, KDE, Konqueror, WikiMedia, Joomla,

Life equation by Albert Einstein:
Albert_Einstein(MyLife) {
 If(MyLife==Success in life)
  return (A(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
  return (B(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
A(x,y,z) {
B(x,y,z) {