Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Knowledge

We humans are social animals who need the approval of all others in order to live in peace. If we become unsocial then we probably go to prison and loose our freedom, or loose the piece that community offers.
It's in our DNA to follow whoever other people follow, because this is the safest, the easiest, the quickest and the economical way to live.
So, we have the tenancy to follow everybody famous. Everybody who has power, or everybody who seams he has power.
Sheep, dogs are social animals too.

When we stand before a problem, we seek for a solution given by someone else. It's the best way to solve a problem.
But, if the problem is new, we stack. At first, we search for an answer to The Knowledge ( our grand father, our dad, our gurus, our customs, our books and nowadays The Internet ), then, we search for an answer to friends and family, at last, we try to think and solve by our own the problem.
So, we use our mind to solve only new or personal problems, that we do not want anyone else to know about.This is the best way to use our mind less, so use less energy.
If the problem overcomes us we stack and wait to see if in the future somebody answers it.
It's very tricky way, but we live without use our mind at all. We do not answer to major problems but we, simply, follow The Knowledge.

On early communities whoever was famous or had muscles, tries to benefit from The Knowledge by making rules, which in time became, the customs, in communities. (The Knowledge = The Customs)
Then they wrote down some of the customs that benefit the leaders and this called law. (The Knowledge = The Law + The Customs).

So, whoever could use The Knowledge became famous, also he could use it for his own benefit.
The Law became the mind or what they want people to obey and The Customs became the DNA. They also broke the authorities apart. Government & Church.

Nowadays, the power came to other forms of communities: The Companies. Small groups of people try to use The Knowledge for their own by forcing rules that became customs to communities.

But, if The Knowledge is against us?


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Albert_Einstein(MyLife) {
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A(x,y,z) {
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