Sunday, March 18, 2012


For some years our country and all developed nations are under attack from the international bank capital. 
The crisis began in America and spread, like a global flood, around the world, it was not a Greek crisis of decaying plutocracy, but crisis of huge companies that determine our future. 
Here in Greece the floodwaters came later because European bankers decided jointly with the international capital to break the barrier of social states and to internationalize the Chinese model. 
Poor workers who work for a pittance and wealthy managers will buy entire cities to give their favorite. 
So for what our grandfathers and father fought? But now the war between states is outdated and replaced by economic war within states. 
Hundreds of years conquests like working 8 hours per day and system health and welfare have been demolished. Half of Europeans work 12-hour per day and the other half underemployed for a pittance or unemployed. While global income could feed all the people if we all work only 4 hours, leaving half the population in poverty and destitution. 
For how long? 
From the 1950 global capital had this plan. First imposed on Latin America and currently transports it in Europe.It is lies that the Greeks blame for what happens. If it was true why the Icelanders went bankrupt? Why were the Portuguese, Spanish, Irish and Italians in the same position? 
The project is a global economic dominance from the global banking capital over the states. The people will not vote for governments, but colonial deputies. Demolished Democracy. 
The start was made in all countries of the south. Greece - Papademos banker, Italy - Monty banker Goldman Sachs, Portugal - economist, Spain - Rachoi - Economist etc.No wonder we all ran to support the banks. We all say that if we do not support them, they are going to collapse. But now, we are already in bankruptcy.
We pay the banks with predatory interest rates, which we dissolve our pension funds in order to give loans to banks 300B euros.Hundreds of thousands of households can not pay the installment and have approached the courts to prevent homelessness. Small businesses have closed or are "red". 
The suicides have exceeded all limits, modern Sarraf money changers - "Buy gold co." are the only growing companies with profits over 60%. 
The rations have started at schools again.
But the banks after a year of losses gain profits again like all previous years. Profit from the predatory interest rates, from our food. 
Enough is enough. 
We ask banks to clip and to settle loans to stop auctions, reset rates, to give loans to small business to recover. 
Seisachtheia NOW. 
At the same time we invite people to make massive payments and refusals to make withdraws (ie 10.00€ withdraw from every citizen who is in solidarity on 05/25/2012). Urging them to show solidarity to over 1m. fellow citizens who are unemployed and more than 500000 who do not currently have to pay for their loans. 

They frighten us and a first response to fear is to freeze. 
Get out of your homes, unite and ask our feature back. 

When they came to get the gypsies did not react. I was not gypsy.
When they came to get the communists did not respond. I was not a communist. 
When they came to get the Jews did not react. I was not Jewish. 
When they came to get me no one was left to react .... 
Bertolt Brecht

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