Sunday, January 1, 2012

Golden patriotism

Everything depends on the need for food ( the need to survive )
In early societies patriotism was the link between ethnic or family groups and helped them to develop social and political consistency.
Nowadays we have nothing to gain from patriotism. We have nothing to gain making a war. The only enemy that stands between us and the food are the markets. 

Who is responsible for the economic depression? The markets. 
Who is responsible for the people on the streets? The markets. 

But the markets are not only a name. They are the people behind big companies like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and other institutions, that are called "golden boys". All of them, together with the shareholders are the enemies of people.

So, we don't need to make wars with our neighbors, but make inside wars. Movements like OCCUPY THE WORLD or WE ARE 99% or the Indignant Citizens, are leading the way.

We do not need patriotism, we need Democracy, Justice and Dignity.

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Open source = Open Mind

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Life equation by Albert Einstein:
Albert_Einstein(MyLife) {
 If(MyLife==Success in life)
  return (A(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
  return (B(Work,Play,keep your mouth shut));
A(x,y,z) {
B(x,y,z) {